Easy Ways To Play Games On Android TV Box


We have come a long way from cable TV services. The move might have sounded drastic a decade ago. However, the way we entertain ourselves has also changed to a great extent. Our entertainment sources are not limited to a simple cable TV connection anymore. They now include streaming services, online gaming, and much more.

Thanks to our growing entertainment sources, people are investing in smart TVs and smart TV boxes to fulfill their needs. While smart TVs are an expensive option, android boxes are a good solution to do everything smart at an affordable rate.

Android boxes like Airtel Android TV boxes and others come with many features like 4K video quality, online gaming, etc. Today, we will talk about how to play games on your Android TV box.

How to play games on an Android TV box?

Before talking about how to play games using an Android TV box, let’s understand how exactly the Android TV box works.

An Android TV box is a set-top box that allows users to stream online content like streaming apps, gaming apps, etc., on their regular TV. You can also watch your network shows by getting a DTH plan with the box. It brings the best of both worlds.

Coming to games on an Android TV box!

Generally, if you want to play games on a big screen, you will need to get a big-screen TV and a game console like PlayStation or Xbox. Altogether, it will be an expensive affair. An Android TV box is a good and affordable option.

Once your android box is connected to the TV, you can access Google Play Store on the big screen. Use the Play Store to download games and play them easily. The best part is that you can download multiple games without paying anything. (Except games that are paid on Google Play Store)

One such Android box is the Airtel Xstream box.

Play games on your TV using an Airtel Xstream Box

The Airtel Xtsream box is an Airtel Android TV box that can transform your regular TV into a smart one and allow you to play games on the big screen without any expensive game console!

Here are a few features of the Airtel Xstream box:

500+ TV channelsChoose from a list of 500+ TV channels for your Airtel DTH plan
Built-in ChromecastUse the inbuilt Chromecast setup to cast content on your TV easily
5000+ AppsAccess to 5000+ Google Play Store apps related to online gaming, music, etc., on your TV.
4K picture qualityWatch all content on TV with 4K video quality. The promise of a clear and realistic picture.
Google AssistantUse the voice control on your remote – powered by Google Assistant (one of the best assistants)
Latest Android 9.0The Airtel Xstream box runs on the latest Android 9.0 making it faster and better!

You can play games on your Airtel Xstream box and stream online content easily on your regular TV!

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