Eld Mandate –A Support to the Generation


Today Eld services are one of the best options for the drivers to run their businesses with a great achievement. When it comes to choosing the most reliable electronic logging device mandate in the market, users pick the name of this brand without any doubt. As soon as there is any sort of probable violation possible, the system or the device will give an alert in advance to the office staff or the backend head and the driver. In this way, the security will be ensured and will assist the driver to be relaxed too. The enhanced support is the reason why a number of drivers have selected the eld mandate as their eld compliance partner and makes it one of the best eld devices for owner operators.

The Eld Mandate is now one of the top eld providers with affordable prices and extraordinary offers. Hence comparing the accurate cost of ELD compliance is easy and tranquil with the ELD Mandate. A free demo is available along with a free installation unlike any other devices in the market. While others offer yearly basis contracts, Eld Mandate is designed with month to month contracts. The cost of the device are as follows:

  • Hardware: $192
  • Implementation: $0
  • Monthly Fee: $15
  • First Year Cost: $372

………. which definitely proves itself to be the most competent in the prevailing market strategies.

ELD Kit Components

  • ECM Module or the Electronic Control Module – the “brains” of the ELD
  • ELD Sticker- makes the inspection process simple
  • Y Cable- link the ECM module with any other devices
  • Quick Reference Guide- Provides guidance on the ELD HOS driver app
  • User Manual- Complete in-depth instructions on the use of ELD HOS app
  • Tablet (8” or 9.6” version, not in BYOD package)- for customers with Dedicated service
  • Tablet Charging Cable

Process of Installation

  1. Installing ELD system is not complicated. Vehicle engine must be turned on. Data diagnostic port is located first. It will be either a 6 pin or a 9 pin connection to fit appropriately.
  2. The female end of the supplied cable is plugged into the male end coming from the vehicle. the locking mechanism has to be twisted until there is a “click.” It ensures that the cable is sealed and will maintain a secure connection.
  3. The provided ECM device is then plugged into the OBDII port that is on the provided cable.
  4. Then the Accessory power must be powered on.
  5. The Bluetooth must be turned on the tablet
  6. HOS application must be logged in
  7. The ELM 327(BAFX) (J1939) for 9 pin device or select ELM 325 (J1708) for a 6 pin device must be selected on the screen. After choosing the device serial number, the tablet gets automatically connected with the device.

Eld Mandate provides a customer friendly 24/7/365 mode support or the account manager can be contacted immediately at eldmandate.biz or queries can be resolved by calling 1800-968-1869-a toll free number.

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