Four of the best tactical formations in FIFA 19 that you can use


In the new FIFA 19, there are a lot of tactical formations that you can choose from in this latest version of the most successful football game in the world, however, how can you know what is the best FIFA 19 formations?

To help you out, here are some of the best formations that you can use while you are playing in multiplayer, career mode, or just simply playing with your mates regardless if you prefer with a different style, so here are some of the best look at all of the best formations that will surely pave the way for your victory.

To help you seek your perfect formation and setup, here are some of the formulated list of the best FIFA 19 formations which are being used across the game, regardless if you are using it for your career or you want to amass the FIFA 19 weekend league’s rewards available in the Ultimate Team or in the fifa 20 pc gratuit.

The diamond formation is a regular but very effective formation in football which in FIFA is also effective as well. This kind of formation has already proven itself for years, and in FIFA 19 it is being considered as the preferred form for many players to set up in taking control in the middle of the park where you have four midfielders who can close in to give you the best ball possession, while the rest of the players on the field are there to protect against the counter-attacks. This formation is good against CPU rather than online considering that many players are familiar with this formation and they can easily counter it.

  • 4-2-3-1 Narrow formation

In this kind of formation, there are two defensive midfielders which are going to be your key in balancing the entire formation. They are the ones who cut off in the passing lanes in between the opponent’s strikers and midfielders, also they are there to intercept and provide a base from which they can launch counter-attacks. You will be needing this kind of formation to promote good fitness among your players and the team, knowing that on the default settings they will get the forwards to support the attackers on your team as well.

  • 4-3-2-1 formation

Considered to be a versatile FIFA 19 formation which provides you a lot of attacking opportunities both in the right and left wings. Your forwards both in the right and left wings are the ones who can drift wide or cut inside, and get in behind, or even drop back which can give you a good false nine-role that can easily be customized in the game settings to fit your players.

  • 4-3-3 Attacking formation

Considered as one of the best formations to score goals in FIFA 19, this kind of formation uses your CAM as the centerpiece and if you are given a free role, it forms the perfect link between the attacker and the midfielder which allows your wingers to get space to move easier and also lets your wide man defeat their full-back and pass the ball into the striker with minimal defense from your opponents. To learn more, browse this site.

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