Factors Contributing In The Rise Of Popularity In Mobile Gaming


The advent of mobile phones has taken gaming to a whole new level and today, these communication devices have been transformed into portable gaming console. This technological advancement has opened an inconceivable world of games, with unlimited options, for the gaming enthusiasts. Every year the gaming industry is touching new milestones and there is not one but several reasons responsible for the rise of popularity in mobile gaming.


Playing games in earlier times meant sitting close to your television with the gaming device plugged into it. Later, PlayStation and similar systems were introduced, but the mobility of these devices was still limited. However, the entire scenario changed with the launch of mobile games. Now the users did not have to stay confined to their homes for playing games. The mobiles could be carried along in pocket or purse and so did their favourite games. It even helped to attract non gamers, as they could now entertain themselves wherever and whenever they desired; thus, increasing the mobile gaming market size.


The transformation of mobile games has also been exceptional in recent times. From the simple and slow to the  much faster and more complex ones, games have come a long way and it has been possible to the advancements in mobile technology, which offered indefinite possibilities in game development. As games loaded with amazing graphics, unlimited levels and attractive features were introduced, the number of its users quickly surpassed that of traditional games. Moreover, the traditional methods of sharing and saving games, such as CDs, are no longer in use, as users can download and share games through Wi-Fi networks.


The high cost of gaming stations did little to add to the popularity of traditional games, as it often deterred people from buying them. However, mobile games are available at a fraction of cost these days, which means more and more people consider them within their reach. To attract the attention of more users, even the game development companies use strategies, such as discounts on games, packages, free versions etc. The reasonable price of games has contributed immensely in the rise of popularity in mobile gaming these days.


Games were often considered to be a solitary activity and it is not difficult to imagine how, a few decades ago, playing games with your friends meant gathering at someone’s home and wait for your turn. However, today it is possible to play with or against anyone irrespective of where he is sitting in the world, along with the ability to add as many players as you desire. Social gaming has become a norm these days, where players are able to interact with other players from across the globe, without any geographical restrictions.

It is clear from the above mentioned points that the rise of popularity in mobile gaming has been amazing since its budding days and it still has a long way to go. Mobile gaming enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to as game developers are constantly on the lookout for innovative techniques to enhance the graphic quality and make it more feature rich and attractive.

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