Five Tips for Quickly Updating Your Company’s Social Media Accounts


As a small-business owner, you often do not have time to keep your social media accounts updated, which can be a detriment to your business. Social media marketing offers companies of all sizes an inexpensive way to promote their products and services and build their brand. Here are five tips to help maintain your social media accounts even when you’re busy:

Narrow Down Your Accounts

The number of social media sites always seems to be growing, and you can easily spread yourself too thin by joining each new one that comes along. In order to allow social media accounts to work for you, narrow down your accounts to the sites that best help your business. If you have a visual business, such as a photography studio or a graphic design firm, then platforms like Pinterest or Facebook may be the best choices, but for other businesses, then Twitter or LinkedIn may be better.

Give Quick Updates

Whenever you update your blog or post an article to your site, you can quickly update all of your social media accounts by sharing the content. It doesn’t take long to add a link to the content from your site on Twitter or post a blurb about it on other sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. Sharing your content is a great way to build links and increase traffic to your business website.

Hire Help

Instead of trying to do everything yourself, hire someone to help keep your social media and website up-to-date. Along with social media, an online marketing agency can help create new content for your website, optimise your site for searches and generate more traffic to your site with pay per click advertising. With their help, you can find the customers you need to help your business grow and become more profitable.

Be Consistent

Along with updating your social media sites on a regular basis, you should make sure the appearance of your sites is consistent as well. If your business uses specific colours for uniforms or for advertising, make sure the colours are also reflected on your social media sites. Include your business logo and correct address and phone numbers in the profiles for all your social media sites.

Schedule Updates

It is important to remain consistent with updating your social media accounts and using those platforms to interact with your customers. Even if you hire someone to create and post content and keep your accounts updated, schedule some time to add your own contributions. You will have more information to give customers and potential clients about your business and you will be able to answer their questions better than anyone else, so schedule time every week or so to post on social media.

If you use these tips and hire an agency to help with social media marketing, you can help your business expand. Your social media accounts can draw more traffic to your company’s website and it can be used to successfully build your business brand.

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