How to access USB over Ethernet


Most modern devices such as printers, keyboards, scanners, storage dongles, etc. use USB as a standard interface. But if the device is to be used on many computers is switching it back and forth a solution? The solution to the issue like this is USB Network Gate that allows you to share USB port over LAN.Share USB over Ethernet

With USB Network Gate you can share devices plugged into your local machine with others on the network, so that they can have access to device’s full functionality. And of course when you are working on a remote machine you can access your shared device from there.Share USB devices in virtual machines and blade servers

Thanks to profound technology of USB Network Gate you can access USB ports from virtual environments and blade servers. USB Network Gate is great for VMware, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V. Working with the shared USB device in virtual environment will feel exactly the same as if it was connected to it physically.
Share USB over RDP

With Remote Desktop Protocol, accessing devices connected to the remote machine is also needed. And USB Network Gate makes it possible – just install it on your local computer and on a remote one.

Share any USB device on various operating systems

USB Network Gate is a versatile cross-platform software — use it in a corporate network on machines with Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. You can share and access so many devices! A webcam, printer, MIDI controller, iPad, USB monitor, and way more.

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