How Recruiterbox Makes Talent Recruiting Function Easier For Executives


Hiring a resource can be a nerve racking process. Apart from evaluating the skills and talents of the individual, the process of screening the resumes, sorting them, classifying them to each individual department, managing the interview process all can make a HR manager feel overwhelmed. In fact, those managers without proper tools to their assistance will even fail in their duty. Organizations with profitability and business success charted in their strategy will never want that to happen. They will resort to professional solutions like Recruiterbox to scale their hiring process to great heights.

How Recruiterbox lightens the burden of recruiters

Resume management at its best

Candidates often have the tendency to upload their resume in various formats. Although .doc is the most commonly used format and which makes it easier for recruiters to sift through the credentials, there are candidates who use other formats like .odt, .pdf, .rtf etc. for submitting their resumes.

This is most common for positions in the creative and technical expertise. Recruiterbox makes HR recruiting a breeze through by ensuring that resumes of all types and file formats are accepted and processed unfirmly for consistent mining of candidate information.

Detect duplication and cuts down redundancy

Desperate candidates have the habit of applying to a job multiple times even after being turned down by the recruiter. This can prove to be a menace if the recruiter is unable to sort out multiple resumes that are being submitted by the same individual.

Recruiterbox ensures that the profile of the same person is not being enlisted for interview after being rejected by the department. It saves time that is otherwise lost in screening repeating profiles.

Other benefits of HR recruiting using Recruiterbox:

  • Parse resumes for skimming out candidate information and credentials
  • Job widget that helps prompt updating of resource requirement in careers page
  • Auto managing of the career page with no external IT support
  • Create and update customized forms for recruitment function
  • Setting up mandatory custom fields for specific roles to ensure that only worthy candidates are being screened for the position

Recruiterbox ensures that a business is not wasting its resources trying to screen potential candidates. It automates a large chunk of repetitive tasks and provides the HR department with time to focus on other important tasks. It can be aligned to the overall HR strategy of the business to achieve overall business efficiency.

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