How to Acquire Links Fast and Without Cheating


Acquiring inbound links to your website is important if your site is to remain visible, influential and monetarily feasible. While “content is king,” not having people find your information diminishes your hard work. Links provide the connection to help your website rank higher in the search engines, where your pages can easily be found and your customers will discover and do business with you.

Acquiring links isn’t so difficult and can be done fast and without cheating. Here’s some of the common and useful ways to acquire new links.

1. Talk about them. As you write new content, you need to talk about the people, businesses and other influencers in your business field. That “talking” serves as link bait, what essentially attracts people to your website. This can mean quoting an influencer, suggesting a page they wrote, or otherwise link to their site. Don’t do the linking without thinking — develop a strategy to reach out to those who are in the best position to assist you explains

2. Write for them. If your content is especially good and have already built a reputation in your sphere, then being a known quantity has some benefits. For one, your name is instantly recognizable. For another, you can take your name and apply it to other websites by writing guest articles. Reach out to the influencers and ask them if you might contribute an article. If permitted to do so, then include your biography and ask for a link back to your site. Generally, the web owner will do so, even though he is not obligated to supply a link. Link or not, you’ll gain additional authority for your well written piece and this can serve as yet another reminder to people of your own influence.

3. Get socially involved. Not only should you write excellent content, but you should share what you write through social media. Your site alone with its excellent links to and from your site are not enough. Now, you need to use the services of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus to share what you have written. Carefully placed updates will get noticed, shared and will drive people to your website. Check your website analytics and you’ll see people coming to your website. Those links you created on social media are one of the fastest ways to direct people your way.

4. Use press releases carefully. Oh, the days of writing press releases and gaining back links to your site — that brings back memories. These days, however, writing press releases to build links isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you need to use press releases very carefully and only occasionally. By supplying only your best stories will your releases be deemed worthy. Shoot for content that will get picked up and disseminated. A press release can also lead to an interview with a media expert looking for a story with more information.

5. Consider your community. The days of leaving comments on website and blogs to gain links are over. But the days of leaving comments to gain authority have not ended. You can still leave comments and include the occasional links, but do so only with the intent to build authority and nothing else. In building authority, you’ll have people reach out to you to contribute content, as mentioned in the second point as well as bring them to your site as mentioned in the first step. This strategy allows you to participate socially, but with the intent in acquiring links fast by the relationships you forge.

Create a Schedule

Your approach should be consistent, deliberate and easy to evaluate. This means developing a schedule to write new content several times per week, reach out to other influencers, and keep an eye on your search engine results. Work with your SEO expert to ensure that nothing is left out or left to chance.

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