Extract information from website


Did you know you can extract names, dates, information, business contacts, addresses, e-mail or any kind of data from websites? Sometimes you might find a website that has a lot of public data that may be useful for you, your business or career.

To do this properly and get the best data extraction you can get, have a look at these extraction services.

You can also try saving the data from the website onto your computer and from there do some manipulation in Excel. But information in Excel is very unstructured and will have no real value. The advantage of these services is that they can get thousands of records of information, perfectly organized the way you want it. Without highly extensive knowledge, this is not possible for the average user. Why scrapers don’t work? Scrapers gather data that follows a certain pattern, but not structures. Actually the only good thing that scrapers can do is e-mail. Most of the times they don’t work because they get blocked by the site that you are trying to access. It’s pretty easy to block access to an ip based on a certain behaviour, so it’s not worth wasting your time.

How about more complex information like e-commerce info? Yes, you can data extract all the data regarding thousands of products from e-commerce sites. Names, ids brands, SKU, colors, stock availability and much more. You can do studies or statistics on this information. It can be a source of inspiration. This is really valuable information and if you know what to do with it, it can be a gold treasure. Using the services that DataSprint offers, you can extract this information into an Excel table, database, CSV, or any structure that you may think of. The time and cost savings are huge. This is just not possible to be done in -house, unless you are a company that specializes in data extraction. Extracting images is also an option, along with media or any other file format.

Data is getting bigger by the day. We Each day we are creating more information than all of civilisation before the Internet appeared. That’s why we hear the term big data more and more in articles or talks. You need to make sense of these huge amounts of data, no matter what business you are in, or what your line of work is. Big data needs to be used to your advantage.

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