Jitterbit Presents Advanced Salesforce Data Loader


Salesforce proves beneficial only if you have easy access to latest data. Tools such as CRM to CRM Integration Templates and dataloaders are instrumental in consolidating, synchronizing and migrating CRM as well as file data right into Salesforce from diverse Salesforce applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel and more. You could now engage clients with Salesforce integration. Customer data exists in several applications beyond Salesforce. It is necessary to develop successful custom apps for ensuring consistent client experience across practically all channels for increasing customer satisfaction and driving revenue growth.

Jitterbit is the no 1 provider of flexible, easy to use and powerful data integration software and application. The company recently announced the launching of the Jitterbit Data Loader that comes free on salesforce.com’s AppExchange for Salesforce. Salesforce is effective in building easily and quickly external and internal mobile as well as web applications. Use this popular and effective data loader for securely and quickly importing, exporting and deleting unlimited quantities of data for your company.

Data Loader

Advantages of a Data Loader

  • Secure and Definitely Simple: You could simply use existing Salesforce credentials for logging into data loader without going through the unnecessary trouble of downloading an application. You can now get started fast without really compromising on security.
  • Intelligent Data Mapping: You now require to spend comparatively little time mapping data to the Salesforce fields from the source file, thanks to the features like keyboard shortcuts, search filters and auto-mapping.
  • Absolutely No Need for Redundant Work: You can now simply export relevant objects through just a single pull, eliminating the manual as well as the redundant work needed for pulling multiple datasets as well as associate them again in Excel. You could now export and import data directly DropBox, Box, FTP as well as SFTP repositories conveniently and quickly.

JItterbit’s Grand Contribution

Jitterbit has come up with a truly next generation product, an innovative data loader for Salesforce. They have leveraged their current award-winning highly acclaimed technology for building a simple but powerful data migration offering. They have been able to deliver an unparalleled data loader experience. Not only that, Jitterbit is really excited to offer this for free to each and every Salesforce.com customer.

Jitterbit has contributed a free data migration tool that helps in enabling Salesforce administrators to automate easily and quickly the exporting and importing of data in between flat files, Salesforce and databases. This advanced product drastically reduces the effort and time needed for automating the mobility of critical business data right into and out of Salesforce thanks to built-in scheduling that allows Salesforce users to simply set and completely forget it.

Integration tools seem to have been among the most desired apps on AppExchange and Salesforce have been always on the lookout for reliable partners like Jitterbit for delivering them. Data loader is an amazing new data loading device or tool that can be used today free of any charges, by all Salesforce customers. Browse through http://www.flosum.com/salesforce-data-migrator/ for more information on Salesforce data loaders.

Jitterbit data loader is known to offer the most convenient, simple and highly functional tool for free.  Data loader is highly effective and useful for Salesforce users who need to import new marketing leads, export sales data for cutting-edge business intelligence or for updating and upgrading account as well as contact info from some other data sources.

Features of a Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce

  • Supportive of Salesforce Group Edition
  • Available on Windows as well as Mac
  • Wizard-driven export or import tools having Drag & Drop Data Mapping
  • Cutting-edge functionality including batch automation, data transformation, and monitoring tools
  • Flexible connectivity for moving data from database or any flat file to as well as from Salesforce
  • Support for creating, inserting, upserting, deleting, hard deleting, query as well as bulk loads
  • High-volume performance having no monthly or daily record limits
  • Easy upgrades for carrying out complete bi-directional synchronization along with Jitterbit’s Cloud Integration Platform

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