Online employee monitoring for managing workplace


The automatic monitoring system existed from one century ago itself. That was first used the punch cards followed by computerized magnetic cards after the invention of computers. Now the whole world is connected by the high speed internet connectivity. So monitoring employees work in time and leaving time are monitored through internet portals. This is most favorable to the multinational companies who will be having the numerous branches all over the world. The punch card or the computerized cards are not enough. So they connect all the employees through internets. Each and every employee will be given a separate user name and password to access the company portal. The time clock online switched on when the employee sign in and switched off when sign out. So the timesheet will be recorded in online itself.

This software is very useful in managing large number of employees and reduces lot of human efforts in the account section. This software will directly calculate the amount of working hours subjected to pay, leave taken, expense spent by the employee, work progress. All these benefits are available at high end software. There are plenty of free time clocks available for small scale industries to maintain the attendance, pay slip and data storage. The calculations are very accurate and mistakes are not possible. It also offers a great advantage to the employees who need not to come to office. For an example people work in information technology, they get to work from home itself. They can access the company website through time clock online logins and work platform. Through the portal, the manager can monitor their work and project completion level. Whenever there is discussion they can come to office. This avoids lot of travel, and offshore work or repairs can be done through this.

Today every MNC is availing the service to manage their employees in offshore. And it is more advanced with high facilities. Earlier, everything like permission for travel expense, leave applications, on duty and many kind of permission request will be forwarded to the manager and he get to reply in the email after finding the suitable persons for alternate. Today it is very simple, just like chat options you can send the through this portal and the manager will permit or not permit through a simple click. And in the managing part, choosing the alternate when an employee is going on leave, he gets to see the number of leave applications and number of persons available to alternate the duty.

It also has the provision of managing overtime works and separate allowance calculations to monitor their work. If the project is at the due date, employees will have to work overtime and the special allowance and travel expenses are to be paid by the companies. This helps calculating the additional expenses as well as the number of compensation leave sanction and to upload the expense bill. And more importantly all these data’s are stored for future references.

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