Follow these steps to check wireless router settings


You can hardly find a computer today that does not have an internet connection. In fact we internet everywhere we go today. That is the reason today we have internet on our phones or places so that we don’t feel left out from the world. It all started with a dial –up connection when your modem was connected to your landline. Then came the broadband age where, your internet was mainly connected to through a modem and LAN in your office or home via LAN cable and DSL line. Now is the age of wireless internet that requires routers to connect.

Wireless connection involves a router. A router is a device that sends and receives data from one network to the other. A wireless router connects through a modem and creates a wireless signal on your local network. It will automatically connect to any computer within the range of the router. That is the reason, to keep your connection secure, you should always password protect it. Since, it’s a machine; it is bound to create problems. If you are facing issues with connectivity with your router, here are some steps that you can follow to fix it:-

  1. Every router has an IP address. If you don’t know the IP address, follow these steps:-
    1. Go to command prompt in your windows
    2. Type CMD in the search field and select enter
    3. You would be directed to a black window with cursor blinking
    4. Now type “ipconfig” and press enter (don’t use parenthesis)
    5. If your router is communicating with your computer, then it would immediately show an IP address. Look for Default gateway IP address under Wireless LAN adapter Wifi
    6. Note down the IP address and type the same in your browser search box
  2. Once you enter the IP address in the search box, it will direct you to router settings page. You would need to sign in with your username and password that you are using to connect your internet. If you are not sure about the username and password, try to find it on the label stuck at the back side of your router.
  3. If you are unable to open the settings page, there is high possibility that the gateway IP address has been fed manually under your network adaptor settings. To check:-
    1. Go to control panel
    2. Click on network
    3. Click on view network under network and sharing centre
    4. Now right click on Ethernet adapter and select properties
    5. Now scroll down to find IP Version 4. Click on it and select properties
    6. In the new window make sure Obtain IP address automatically and obtain DNS server automatically are checked.
    7. Now try to open settings page again in the browser window. If the problem is solved then enter the username and password. For changing router settings refer to the router manual.

If the problem persists, make sure all the firewalls and antivirus programs are off.

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