Samsung Galaxy S9 will encounter Apple iPhone 7S


Samsung return to the market with the launch of Galaxy S8 and S8 edge, and both versions comes with water protection. Fortunately there were no caps, and other ugly. The form does not issue personal devices of security, however, a special water-repellent coating and rubber seals doing their job – with smartphones can take a shower, swim in the pool and having fun laughing, ride on the water slides. So, Galaxy S9 will win over the iPhone 7S.

Included with smartphones is an adapter that lets you connect a USB flash drive or other smartphone – for data transfer So, the new Galaxy S became a little nicer and more convenient, and edge besides increased slightly in size. Still cannot change the battery yourself, but “downgrade” we found only one, and that insignificant. We are talking about the absence of infrared port to control home appliances. Although whom are we kidding – does this feature someone constantly uses? So, Samsung can edit few things in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Our opinion about the new products we are asked to give the owners of last year’s flagships Samsung. Naturally, it is interesting to compare their devices with the new Galaxy generation. They are very long were sizing to the Galaxy S8 and S8 edge and it seems that almost all were satisfied. We noticed that the S8 felt thicker and bulkier predecessor. Unpleasant instant camera resolution: while it is already reduced to 12 M, in selecting the actual aspect ratio of the picture of 16: 9, it generally is 9 M, whereas in S7 the maximum resolution of the sensor would when the aspect ratio is 16: 9. This should be improved for Samsung Galaxy S9.

In S8, added all that did not have time or could not cram in S7. I would have taken it, probably, if there were any extra money, which is quite unnecessary. But S8 edge would have bought. It is now in the hand of others enjoyable, while the last unpleasant cut hand – there is some errors. Edge is very nice! If the edge of the last year, it seemed, just for the pampering, the new model is really very pleasant. The phone is easy to hold and want to turn over in his hand. I would buy it! To change they’re “six” on the edge, but on the Galaxy S8 – no. Yes, there’s a better performance, and the camera is probably better. Hope, Galaxy S9 Edge will have something different to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge.

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