Tablet VS PC


With tablets gradually making a hold over the market of PC users, it often is an argumentative issue whether to buy a tablet or a PC. So before you freeze on your decision for a purchase you just need to keep some of the below mentioned pints in mind.


Unlike ordinary computers, tablets by are comparatively lightweight and are easy to carry around. Some are may be too heavy to hold in one hand, but still they can fit into your lap or palm. Browsing your net for any updates is much easier while watching TV rather than going to your desk, and booting up your PC.  Laptops, which are supposed to be mobile devices, generally take a while to start, and often are become hot after some time of usage..


Whenever you are in a meeting often you need to drag your laptop, but with the sleek design of a tablet, you may just take it like a piece of paper with you. Even while the meeting continues you can easily take your notes on it and also download certain files if needed for the session. It saves a lot of time and energy. Even for college students tablet is great if they have digital books. They are relieved from the pressure of carrying their books and also save some money.


Apart from games you can always download unlimited application and software which you need or you like. People who are “net-oholics” can always be connected with their social forums just by downloading the applications. Nowadays many tablets are already preloaded with various software’s and applications.

Although you can customize your computer as well, but installing apps on a tablet is a much easier and simpler process. Dealing with product keys or registration codes are mostly absent in a tablet, and most of the apps download and get installed in seconds. Tablets also are a good tool for travelers who need the functionality that their phone lacks but at the same time want to avoid the weight of a laptop. Tablet in form is a great advantage for people who are very mobile and love to be connected with the online world always, without being worried about the conern of carrying a load on your shoulders.

Battery Life

It is the most crucial of all concerns. Wherever you go you need to carry your charger and plug it on while using, but for a tablet the battery life is longer. Just an overnight charging and you are completely ready for a long day usage. Mostly the batteries are of heavy duty. Even you if go for voice calling and video chat still it back you up with heavy duty. Moreover laptop chargers are inconvenient at times if you don’t get the proper plugs to plug-in.

Therefore in any way if we are to come to a conclusion which is the more beneficial amongst the both, we will surely understand and appreciate that the benefits of having a laptop are bit more over the edge of a laptop.

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