Using DVD’S to Back up Your Data


In the current world of Internet growth comes the needs for protecting our data from the likes of hackers or crackers. Many people have turned to DVD’s to store their personal data on, let’s face it, it is the best possible option if you are looking solely for protection, You can store the DVD’s at home or in the office very easily in a locked filing cabinet.

Why Use DVD’s

A lot of companies and people at home use services on the Internet to backup, now I am not knocking any service here at all so don’t get me wrong they do a great job and they do offer amazing services, its just some people really do have very sensitive data they would like to protect and know 100% that is is protected.

Using services offshore and in other places means you need to use the Internet to transfer your data to these servers and the data centres that store the data are online 24 hours a day 7 days a week, again I am not knocking online services, but some people would just prefer to know there data is not online and is stored so only they can reach it! This is why people use DVD’s, they will then store these DVD’s in the office or at home in a filing cabinet all locked up safe and sound!

What Are My DVD Choices? I Have A Lot Of Data!

Well this is the amazing part, thanks to our technology advancements in recent years from 700MB DVD’s you are now able to get DVD’s that have enormous amounts of space on!

4.7GB Verbatim DVD’s – Yeah thats right! Verbatim have a huge 4.7GB cake box pack that will store your files very easily, the space they have is fantastic for documents and some media files. The 4.7GB disks can hold around 1+ million documents with ease or it can hold two full size movies (Not the illegal kind for the sake of this article)!

8.5GB Verbatim DVD+R – This one of the newest Verbatim ranges, an 8.5GB disk is monumentally huge and can hold up to 4 movies (again, not of the illegal kind!) it can also hold millions upon millions of documents and pictures, infact I do not think you will be able to fill this up with documents unless you are some huge corporation of some sort!

Where To Store your Backups

Well this is completely up to you, but remember they are disks after all you do not want to scratch or damage them in any way, shape or form, if you do your back will obviously be useless! Make sure you place them back into the DVD case they came in then you can store them in some sort of cabinet with a lock on, so no prying eyes touch them of course :)

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