The Importance of Database Design for Successful Web and Mobile Apps


When it comes to developing mobile and web applications, one of the things to keep in mind is your database design. New York businesses need to recognize the vital importance of a lightning fast database in order to have apps update in real-time. In reality, the design of your database will be one of the single greatest factors in the response time of your app. When it comes to database design, New York’s premier source is the Farber Consulting Group. How do we set your apps up for success?

It Starts With Database Reverse Engineering

Most businesses already have a database in place, but before you start working on your next web or mobile app, let us take a look at your database model. Using a high-powered data modeling tool (also called an ER diagram tool) such as xCase, we can reverse engineer your current database. This gives us a lookat the database model so that we can see how to streamline processes and take seconds (or more) off of response time.

Database reverse engineering also results in diagrams that are easy to understand so that you will know your own database like never before. Additionally, reverse engineering results in making it far easier to develop high-quality documentation that will help your employees to use the database without having to call IT on a regular basis. Finally, once we understand the inner workings of your database model, it is a lot easier to make it meet your present needs. After all, when clients place new demands on your business, your database needs evolve, and we can help you to keep up and provide your customers with what they want.

Types of Databases We Design

The Farber Consulting Group Inc. is experienced with many types of databases including MS SQL, My SQL, MS Access, and Visual FoxPro. Once we know the type of database that fits your company’s needs, we can get to work with a SQL tool or other data modelling tool and develop a high-quality database with no duplicate data to gum up the works.This is one of the biggest problems with a poorly designed database. Duplicate data can slow the entire system to a crawl and produce inaccurate reports. Eliminating redundancy is one of our primary focuses when developing a database or reinventing an existing database.

The Value of Entity Relationship Tools

ER diagram tools create a picture that reveals the relationship between database entities. Entitiescean include everything from customers to suppliers and products to order numbers. When you can see the connections between all of these entities in a diagram, you begin to understand why duplicate data takes place without the proper development tools.

Don’t be fooled by how easy we make it look. Developing databases is a painstaking process. The result, however, is faster system speeds for your company. When it comes to things such as accessing data in real-time, that value cannot be underestimated. So before you develop your next web or mobile app, let us taking a look at your existing database, and turn up the speed.

Database Designer New York

We provide database design in New York and also in New Jersey and basically all over the world. We have people with more than 16 years of experience. One of our employees is MS MVP. We include in our services Remote DBA for MS SQL and MySQL 7 days a week. The importance of specs preparation is crucial right at the project startup. As a Database designer in New York our job is to interview the employees and get all details in order to design a very efficient database.

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