Samsung Galaxy Note 5: What You Will Find


Samsung phones are passing through the revolution of the new generation, and in no time Samsung bring to the world, the flagship phones. One is already there in the market with name Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and another is ready to open eyes in the market for the first time, with name Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

In no time, Samsung Galaxy Note series become itself a brand, such that people start talking about a gadget releasing in this series a year ago. Here, we are about to discuss about the Note 5 only, but you could still find the information about the Galaxy Note 6. Let’s limit us and back to the Note 5, which would definitely going to be supreme and advanced as compare to the younger soul brother Galaxy S6 Edge. The rounded edges display is still the major attraction for the Samsung fans, as it is new and no one else has revealed it in the market. So, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date is ready to ring the bells and it would come with all improvements that needed in the S6 Edge, for example microSD card slot, removable battery and application corner issues. For example, we did not find the application in which the rounded corners would interfere in S6 Edge. However, this effect can manifest itself in some kind of games, which are widely used in the screen. Moreover, differences in the brightness and contrast of the screen compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6 are not seen in S6 Edge. However, as mentioned above, the difference between them should not be: it is one and the same matrix as we were told by representatives of the company; the only difference is in the final stage of creation, as well as in the coating – for Edge glass Gorilla Glass is subjected to additional heat treatment under pressure. So, as there would be two versions of Note 5, so same differences could be they’re as well.

On other hand, the sound from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is worthy. Smartphone emits a loud enough sound, full of the entire spectrum of frequencies are present including the low frequencies. The sound is quite pleasant, at maximum volume is not distorted, no wheezing, no claims to the earpiece. With a smartphone headphones also sound to the modern champions. But can’t compare it to HTC smartphone’s stereo sounds, so the Samsung should add stereo speakers in front for sure, else it would be another phone of Samsung like Galaxy S5 that got lost in the market, but chances are in favour as Samsung is looking for a recovery, caused by the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge last year. And Samsung is ready to welcome its fans with the dual-edge curved display in the next Note device.

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