Things To Know About The Fone Wizard


They say proper names are non-connotative. That’s why you get to see so many discrepancies in names around you in any part of the world. According to Gottlob Frege (German philosopher), proper names may imply imaginary and nonexistent things such as morning stars are the evening stars. However, the name Fone Wizard is an exception. It has truly done a justice to its name upholding a high quality of service, customer feedback, and ratings in UK. You can, in fact, explore many things with it there.

Key areas of Fone Wizard:

  • Recycling of phone: After using your phone for a considerable time, when you think that you should go for a new phone, don’t just let the old phone lie idle at home or office. Sell the same to Fone Wizard for recycling. In the process, you will become environmentally responsive by saving the material waste. The company has a unique method of recycling almost all the phones and then, bring them back to the market after a complete makeover on its’ look, feel, and functions.

However, not all the phones can be recycled and thus, some phones may be returned to the owners without any cost. In short, when you sell your used phones to the company, you essentially gain and lose nothing. The best part of selling used phones to the company is that you get the money same day through the wire transfer and there is no hidden cost in the entire exercise. You can even sell damaged devices and the company guarantees you about the security of data that may be stored on your phone.

  • Repair and service: If you have been using a particular handset for quite sometime and you are passionate about it, you need not have to worry about changing the same due to its aging. You need to visit the company or just send it to them for a repair and service of your phone. You will be quite amazed after taking the delivery of your phone from the company and this is no exaggeration. Customers who availed such services from the company have actually acknowledged it.
  • Environment-friendliness: The company strictly follows environment-friendly rules while recycling the phones. As such, when you recycle your phone through the company, you actually care about the environment.
  • Testimonials: You will find many testimonials online and offline vouching for the quality service and commitments of the company. In other words, when you engage the company for the repair, service, or recycling of your phone, you can be doubly sure about the quality of the repair or service on one hand and your commitment to Mother Nature on the other.
  • Ratings: This is yet another significant milestone for other service providers in the same segment to follow. The company has got a rating of 9.8/10 on Trustpilot and a 5-star rating on Yelp.

Be the first among your family and friends to avail the services of the company and let the world know about it.


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