Tips to Extend Android Battery Life


Android phones are all the rage. All top notch phone manufacturers be it Samsung, HTC or Sony go in for Android to power the phone. The Android software is easy to use and Android easily wins the battle over iOS and BlackBerry.

We are constantly on the phone all day using apps, browsing, listening to music and keeping ourselves entertained. The biggest worry any user faces is the battery life issue as such heavy usage quickly drains the battery and it’s not always feasible to have access to a charger. Here are a few tips you can follow to extend your Android battery life:

Manage Your Apps

We all multitask on Android. We’re playing a game and attending a call and messaging 10 people on Whatsapp and updating our Facebook Status all at once. This is quite a cool feature but we often forget that apps that continuously keep running in the background are eating up battery life. You can always go into you’re phone settings and stop any app you’re not currently using to save up on battery because background apps can be heavy which not only consume battery life but sometimes internet connection too. Hence always keep a check on what’s running in the background.

Brightness and Wallpaper
This seems like quite a no brainer but most people overlook this aspect of the phone as well. If you’ll look into your battery usage, you’ll be surprised that sometimes it’s your screen that’s using up most of the power of your battery. Turn off the Automatic Brightness feature and keep the brightness low for times you’d really need it. Similarly use darker wallpapers especially for an AMOLED screen as it won’t need to be lit up saving up on battery life. This is another neat tip to save up on that quickly draining battery.

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Manage Apps Better

Many a times we forget to update apps and get their latest version on our phone. This should be a practice one should follow as most apps are updated with the purpose of using lesser batter and power of the phone. You might have Auto update feature activated, however a few apps might need your approval to update, hence keep a check and make sure your phone supports the latest and most updated version of the app.

Unnecessary Hardware Management

Phones today are packed with state of the art technology be it Wi-Fi, GPS, LTE and much more but most of the times these features need not be activated. You can activate GPS when you’re outside and you want to look for surroundings or if an app requests for your location but you need not have it on for the whole day. Similarly the Wi-Fi can be switched off when you’re travelling because chances are slim you’d be able to catch Wi-Fi when you’re on the go. Make sure you check your notification back and turn off any hardware you do not need as they are the biggest drainers of batteries.

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Discover Power Options

Most phones come with inbuilt power options that help you save battery life. For example you can go for a setting that turns off data and internet after your battery reaches a particular point. Similarly when you choose profiles, avoid setting your phone on vibration as this uses higher battery than it takes to make the phone ring. These little changes here and there will go a long way to keep your phone battery up and running for longer periods of time.

Make the most of your battery without exhausting it and running around to find a charger with these little tips that make a huge difference to your phone and battery usage.

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