Apple phone plays a major role in the smart phone market. Iphone is the no 1 smart phones and it is having all the features. Apple phone releases many versions and all the version gives some unique features. The cost of the apple is quite high but it gives a lot of features. The hardware and the software are working with the help of each other. The clarity of the camera is very clear and good. The iphone is run on the ios operating system. One of the best features is the multi touch and the virtual key board system. Apple offers play store with more than one million applications and it is the second largest mobile app in the world. In the apple phone all the parts are integrated fully and quality one.  Mostly the phone does not having any internal damage. Sometimes the physical damage may occur due to carelessness of the user. From the initial stage itself apple gives the best compare to all other smart phone.

Iphone 6:

Now the apple company releases two versions as iphone6 and iphone 6s. Many new features are available in the phone and all the features approves by the people. Still there is no doubt that that apple is the best in the smart phone market. Apple does not give too much changes but always apple is the best quality smart phone. Even the size of the screen also the same. There is large number of smart phones in the market having large screen but people always preferring the best one as apple.  The apple releases not only smart phones and also iPods, Mac books and watches. Now the apple watches is famous among the youths. All the parts in the apple phone are having a good quality and they are providing a warranty for all phones.


When you bought the apple phone they are giving warranty for all phones. If you are having any physical damage or having any damage in the interior parts you can contact them for replacement. You have to call them and get an appointment from the company. They are not allowed you for replacement without appointment.    When you are going for iphone 6 lcd replacement first they may check that whether your p hone is eligible or not and it may goes out of the warranty date. If there is any a major issue or problem they are taking time repair the old phone or else you have to buy a new phone. Some amount will be charged for the replacement.

If you are having any problem in your apple better you contact the company directly. If you gave your mobile in the local shops they replace the duplicate parts instead of original parts. They use the original parts to other phones. So be aware when you are giving your phone to local shops. Apple always shows their best in all versions, so far no other smart phone company beat the apple’s place.

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