An Ultimate Guide To Buying Conference Phones – List Of Features It Should Have!


If you want the best experience out of your conference calls, it makes perfect sense to go for specialist equipment needed for that purpose. A proper balance of various qualities of phone setup can greatly improve the sound quality noticed by participants in the conference call.

Among the wired and wireless technology, the wireless models are increasingly becoming more popular due to the flexibility and convenience that they offer. The following are some of the top features you need to ensure while going for the latest conference phones.

Interconnection and Interaction

If you want to enjoy smooth conversation, then going for duplex technology setup can be very beneficial. It lets the participants speak simultaneously without any disturbance or interference on either side. Your conference phone should allow both the parties to talk properly even when the noise in the surroundings is loud.

Most of interconnected systems by Vector Dubai are specially designed to accept external or extended microphones. The conference phones with proper interconnection abilities offer great versatility as well.

Directional Microphones

Directional microphones allow you to eliminate noise and echo noticed in actual boardroom or office. While it is true that these types of microphones may prove to be a bit costly, but they can be in fact the most practical option in the meetings having a lot of people speaking simultaneously.

You can even select Omni microphones as an alternative. However, they may not be as effective in controlling the surrounding noise.

Mostly, all the conference these days are built with the standard features seen on even the normal phones like redial, mute, hold, transfer, etc. While buying one, make sure to check out these basic features too.

Important things you should consider while buying a Conference phone

The conference phone is specially built with some of the most special components that offer the reliable sound quality for the ones involved in the call. The built-in microphones in the conference phone are designed to work with various sized rooms. So, it is important to match the phone you are considering to the overall available space.

There are some other issues as well that can affect the sound quality including wall paneling, hard surfaces, amount of glass, etc. A typical office may use the conference phone having coverage area of around 5-7 feet. This may need to increase in large boardrooms having multiple participants.

You can even go for the ones having Bluetooth connectivity features. It makes it very easy for participants to share data with the help of their digital devices. The phone having USB sockets can even easily connect to internet VOIP networks. It can greatly help you to link conference phone to video screen.

Moreover, make also sure to go for the phones that are interference-resistant. Go for the ones that have special ability to resist from all kinds of electrical and radio interference.

While different kinds of conference phones may vary in terms of the included features, just make sure to consider the above factors well before you make a final choice. Make sure that it meets all your requirements as well.

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