Best Way to Get Rid of “System message – Sector Not Found” Fake Alert

Have you ever received such a pop-up warning?

If your answer is YES, then your computer must be infected with a malware. Read this article and learn more details about “System message – Sector Not Found” pop-up here.


“System message – Sector Not Found” is a fake security notification, which is generated by a roguware named System Repair. In order to draw more attention, “System message – Sector Not Found” keeps popping up with a fake security notification, which reads:

“System message – Sector Not Found

The drive cannot find the sector requested. A data integrity checksum error occurred. Data in the file stream is corrupted.”

You may notice that “System message – Sector Not Found” pop-up tries to convince you that virus is found causing file corruption and you need to fix the error immediately. Even thought this pop-up alert looks scary, it is not true at all.

Mind you, “System message – Sector Not Found” is merely a fake alert created by scammers to frighten innocent computer users and force them to pay for license key or full version of useless malware. Please do ignore the “System message – Sector Not Found” fake alert or do not follow its instructions to go.

Apart from all those fake and misleading virus detections, System Repair also acts aggressively and brings much more damage to the infected system. For example, System Repair hides your files and deletes icons unexpectedly. Therefore, you should take action to remove System Repair and “System message – Sector Not Found” pop-up as soon as possible to avoid further damages.

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