Everything You Need To Know About CCTV Digital Video Recorders


No matter if you stay in a mid-sized home or a multi-million dollar apartment, it makes sense having a good surveillance system installed. CCTV digital video recorders are presently the most popular type of surveillance system widely used in homes and large corporate offices. Usually, these systems are setup in areas that encounter least amount of personal traffic.

Over the last few decades, these digital video recorders have undergone a major transformation. While the recorders manufactured a couple of years ago were bulky and rugged, the ones available presently are highly portable and require less amount of space to fit in.

Listed below are some of the cutting-edge features that make these digital video recorders a notable surveillance system:

CCTV digital video recorders

Sufficient Storage Space

The latest recorders come with a good amount of storage space, some even extending up to 10TB, which can store hours of recorded videos. However, at times the existing space may seem insufficient for larger recorded video files. In order to tackle this problem, modern recorders come with additional features that let you make tiny tweaks to further increase the storage capacity.

Most of these recorders use a lossless video compression format, which greatly reduces the size of the video without compromising on its quality and length.

Upgraded hardware

The new-age video recorders pack in some powerful hardware, most of which is found in a standard computer system. However, these hardware components do not greatly add up to the overall weight of the recorder, thereby maintaining its portability. Interestingly, all the components present in a digital video recorder are easily available. So, in case the recorder doesn’t seem to be functioning to its highest potential, you can always get it repaired.

Includes a backup system

Many recorders come bundled with a backup feature that lets you store the recorded videos on more than one location. This can fall handy in instances where the internal hard drive of the recorder becomes inaccessible. In such situations, you don’t have to panic as the videos have been uploaded onto a back-up hard drive.

Some recorders also help you backup the videos onto a remote server. Most of these servers have a downtime of 0.01% and therefore are highly reliable.


Unlike a decade ago when surveillance systems cost a fortune, the ones available these days are highly affordable. With numerous manufacturers thriving hard to offer customers the best service, the prices of the products are slashed, making them cheap. Moreover, all recorders come with a specific warranty.

Easily Available

In case you plan to buy a CCTV Digital Video Recorder for your home or office, the best way to go about would be to visit an online store. These stores stock in an extensive variety of recorders, all of which are rightly categorized based on prices and brands. Above all, they also offer discounts on specific products which may further add up to your savings. Finally, they have a return policy in place that lets you return the purchased product in case you are not quite satisfied with what you have bought.

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