Must Have Apps for Event Organizer


When it comes to organising an event, there are loads to take care of – the venue, the attendees, the guests, and the caterers. If you are an event organizer and consider it impossible to manage everything about an event on your own, you are wrong! You just need the right smartphone application to manage everything about an event. Wondering how is it possible?

Do it with Apps…

With the help of the right smartphone application you can reach to a maximum number of people at a very short span of time. These days most people have smartphones so you can easily reach them and disseminate event related messages. With the help of an event management application, you can invite guests, register attendees, and track progress of the event. There are loads of benefits of using a mobile application for events.

  • With an application you can communicate with attendees and colleagues better.
  • You can also sell tickets with the help of your mobile
  • You can accept payment from attendees of the events. It also helps to manage the budget of an event.
  • Mobile application always helps to organize green events. You can reduce the use of paper in your event. The need to sell paper tickets also gets eliminated.
  • You can connect with your attendees and sponsors, both before, during, and after the event.
  • You can book venues, contact logistics, and book hotels for guests with the help of your smartphone.

Which is the Right Event Application?

Event Board:

Event Board helps to create your own mobile conference. As you turn into an event manager, you can showcase sponsors, push important notifications, and create feedback surveys with the help of this app. Likewise, your attendees can get information on event sessions, create personal agenda, track locations, and do social networking with the app. So, you can organise an equivalent conference on your mobile phone.

Crowd Compass:

With the help of the application the participants can share event information on social media sites. Thus, with Crowd Compass your event will get more exposure. With Crowd Compass, attendees are ambassadors, and the app lets them share contact details, post feeds in Twitter, Flickr, or YouTube. You can enlist speakers on event site along with their bios and topics they chose to talk on.

Event Brite:

With the help of this application you can send invitations, track registrations, sell tickets, and collect payments. With it, you can get your event listed on popular search engines. With it you can send reminders to the delegates, hours before an event.

Creating and designing your own app for each event you organize, is another option you can try. But it is surely going to be expensive. So, you must look for a suitable event organising application.

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