Tips To Preserve Cell Phone Battery Power


You likely rely on your cell phone to ensure you stay in touch with people in both your personal and professional life. You may even use it less to talk and more to do things such as check your email, update social media, and play your favorite games. With all of the features and functions modern cell phones make available, it can be a challenge to maintain your phone’s battery life. However, by making some simple changes you can extend the life of your battery when you are out and about, and reduce the likelihood of being cut off from your contacts until your next charge.

Tips To Preserve Cell Phone Battery Power

Turn Off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Location Services

It only takes a matter of seconds to turn on and off features such Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and your location services. However, turning off these features can significantly extend your cell phone battery life by eliminating unnecessary battery use. Remembering to turn these features off when they’re not in use will take some getting used to, but you will begin to see your battery’s performance improve once you get into the habit.

Eliminate Apps You Don’t Use

While you may have a variety of apps that you use on a regular basis, the more apps that you keep open on your background or main screen, the faster your battery will lose its charge. To avoid this, take the time to periodically sort through your apps and eliminate those you no longer use. Also shut down any apps that you don’t need when you are out and about and see that your battery is running low.

Charge Sooner Rather Than Later

You don’t want to keep your cell phone plugged in to the charger for too long after it is fully charged, but you also don’t want to wait until your battery is too low before charging. To help extend the life of your battery, try to charge when your battery is at around 40 percent. If you wait till it is down to 10 percent or lower, your battery will have to work harder to keep your phone fully functional. This can lead to poor battery performance down the road.

Disable Notifications

Notifications can come in handy by keeping you in the loop with your colleagues, friends, and family, but notifications drain your battery power. While you may want to be notified every time you have a new text message or email, it may not be necessary to be notified each time you have a new social media or app update.

Invest In a Solar Charger

If you’re not able to plug your phone into a charger while you’re away from home, you may benefit from a solar charger that will help you to keep your phone fully charged when you do not have access to electrical outlets. There are solar chargers designed for desktops, cars, and even solar chargers built into phone cases.

Another way to ensure that you have the battery power you need is to travel with a spare battery that is fully charged. By taking the preventative and proactive measures suggested above you can extend the life of your battery and reduce the stress caused by receiving a low battery notification.

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