Top 3 Zombie Games for Android Gaming Lovers


Games are something which we all love to play in our leisure time. Gaming lovers have welcomed the new taste of android games. Today you can play android games by downloading them from the Google play, which is the official store of Android apps. There are many zombie games available on Android which you are surely going to love, if you love playing horror games. Given below is a list of the best zombie games for Android, which will beat the fun that you had playing the zombie games on your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Furthermore you can connect your Android device to a 47 inch TV Screen for a bigger display.

#1 Zombie Farm

This is one of the most unique zombie game that I have ever played. Unlike other games that I have played, zombie in this game are your friends. If you are tired of playing zombie killing games then this game is definitely for you. You can grow and have a team of your zombies. You can fight of enemies in the game with your zombies and what not? The interesting features and graphics of this game makes it one of the most sought after zombie game!

#2 Evil Zombies

When human race was declared as unfit to rule the world as masters, a doctor named DR evil, creates zombie armies for ruling the entire planet. Playing the game you would have to fight off the crisis situation which has been created because of the zombie armies. There are a wide range of weapons that you can use to arm yourselves against the walking dead. Also main mission of the game is to hunt the DR evil, by destroying legions of undead wherever you go. With the wide range of ammunition that is available for you, you can surely turn out as the winner, if you have got what it takes to take on this game which is truly described as one of the most challenging zombie games!

#3 Zombie Road Trip

Zombie road trip is certainly a game for those of you who like light action but horror at the same time. The rules are pretty simple, all you need to do is to escape the hordes of zombies, otherwise they would eat away your brain! It is as simple as that. The game blends the boundaries and racing game tricks, making it just perfect for car racing type of gamers. You can shoot the zombies with some really cool collection of arsenal that is available at your disposal. You can also earn zombie coins to upgrade your weaponry!

So drive and shoot as fast as you can otherwise just prepare to die a horrible death at the hands of the undead!

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