Original Gadgets for Original Gifts!


Men love gadgets. Women love fashion. Everybody whishes these facts would generally apply. Surprisingly, when it comes to men, it turns out they indeed love receiving gadgets as a gift. Men are keen on their stuff and tend to stay up to date with everything related to technology. Choosing the gadget might seems a difficult task when it comes to presents so here are some modern day gifts ideas that might come in handy.

Amazon Kindle

A kindle Keyboard with build in Wi-Fi and at least 6″ E Ink Display is the perfect gift for all those book enthusiasts. Also, the Wi-Fi option is the best one to go with. This way the birthday boy won’t have to transfer e-books purchases through USB. The Kindle can also be used for sending short e-mails and adding bookmarks of frequented websites of choice.

Electronic Cigarette

The modern man meets the modern cigarette. No more smoke, no more ashes, no more bad smell. If the person for whom you are trying to find the perfect gift is a smoker, this might be the perfect gift. Switching to a modern cigarette can complement the up to date style of someone. There are many options to choose from,bluaccessories.com being one of them. Custom made electronic cigars are now available at reasonable prices, with distinctive traits such as unique patters and creative designs suitable to any desired style.

ICade Arcade Cabinet

This is probably the most cool gadget gift that one can think of. Simply sliding the IPod into a desk size-arcade and playing old-school games is a quite a treat for all those arcade lovers out there. When it comes to gameplay, over 150 apps have announced support for the iCADE standard, so there are lots of apps to choose from.

Lytro Light-field Camera

A new and unique camera can become a perfect present. If the person you are preparing the gift for is a photo enthusiast or just likes sharing every-day life pictures with his Facebook friends, this might be the right choice. One can simply shoot the pics and refocus later on, however he wants to. Unique photos can simply be achieved due to this fantastic and creative option of the gadget.

So, there you have it! Now only one question remains: Which one will you choose for a present?

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