The Best Strategy Games of 2015


Today we are going to reflect on the best strategies released in 2015 but before we get started, we recommend you check out a great infographic about Video Game Industry to understand all the trends first.

Grey Goo

An heir of Command & Conquer has become a real repose for many fans of classic strategies. Grey Goo reminds of a RTS-like gameplay: base defense and a tank rush rule here in full. Among other advantages are a strategic variety and a good balance. Although we still do not have a very good optimization and a too-hardcore single-player campaign. The history is very interesting, though. The three major factions – Humanity, Beta race and The Goo micro robots – clashed in a fierce war. People were looking for peace, whereas Beta just wanted to survive. But Goo, who are people’s descendants, did not reprogram themselves into the villains but imbued with the idea of ​​universal doomsday.

Total War: Attila

An apocalyptic by its nature spin-off, which became a spiritual follower of other additions of Barbarian Invasion. The main feature of “Attila” is a truly powerful visual and sound design perfectly showing the era of one of the most important conquerors of the Roman Empire. The feeling of total end of the world makes you fall in love with this game head over heels.
In the game, we lead military forces of the greatest leader of the Huns named Attila. By taking power into our own hands in 395 AD, we must destroy Rome, which was divided into western and eastern parts. Although the historicity is still secondary since Attila began to rule only in the year of 434.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

The final part of the trilogy StarCraft II became the most striking success in its genre in 2015. The game of epic proportions cheerfully destroyed a small number of its competitors and showed real drama, which is in principle, not common for strategies, but which has become the main feature of Blizzard’s offspring.

Retelling the storyline in one paragraph would not be respectful toward gamers, so we recommend you play the game, if you have not done so yet.

Losers of the year

Might & Magic Heroes VII

A frankly weak storyline, poor computer graphics and animation, as well as high system requirements and excessive similarity with the sixth part. This is the legacy of M&M Heroes VII. And it is still unclear whether the series that once was one of the most favorite games for many people will ever vindicate itself or 2015 has buried it for good.

Worms World Party

The expectations of the cult WOWP of 2001 were grandiose. We wanted to see an improved interface with graphics settings and a user-friendly menu. We wanted to feel a good integration with Steam. Alas, Team17, apparently, did not leave the beloved pub that year. Having made a statement about a remaster, it gave us something cheesy.

Screen resolution, contrary to the promises of 1080p, was 640×480, and the menu turned out to be awfully underdeveloped. In addition, the game features a lot of bugs and lack of stability of the client.

So here is our list of the best/worst strategies released in 2015. However, if you still want to try out games like Might & Magic Heroes VII, we suggest you save money and buy used video game.

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