Top 5 gadgets for college


Some gadgets do not seem very interesting or useful until you give them a try and suddenly discover that they are unstoppably brilliant and you cannot imagine how you lived life without them. College gadgets work under a similar principle, except that the goal of the most ideal gadgets are ones that makes student’s life easier.

1 – A Portable MP4 Player

Record your professor or download your lesson pod cast and play it as you walk around the campus, drive or go jogging. Speak aloud your own notes and listen to them, or download foreign language lessons and learn as you workout.

2 – A PC Where You May Order From

If you buy a PC over a laptop, then it will solve all of your problems in one foul swoop, and nothing offers more proof of that than finding and using the best essay writing service on your PC. Let the best paper writing service from do all the work for you so that you may get on with studying or relaxing. They have expert academic writers that are able to take on projects such as yours and get them done within a few hours. Plus, they are custom written, so you can hand their essays in as your own.

3 – Noise Cancelling Earphones

There is ALWAYS noise on campus, even at night there are people that won’t turn off their music, there are people having sex, people laughing giddily, and people walking past your room. The freshmen are the worst because this is their first year away from home and they have just discovered they can stay up past mummy and daddy’s bed time. Noise cancelling headphones ensure you are able to sink into your own little world.

4 – A Smartphone With Ambient Noise Apps

Ambient noise apps will help you get to sleep and help you stop missing home. They are ideal both for inner city campuses where police sirens are blaring every ten minutes, they are great for rural colleges where the noise of crickets is non-stop, and they are good for liberal colleges where the sound of student’s weed-soaked laughter echoes down the hall until they mellow at around 6am. Natural sounds are often good, such as the sound of rainfall (not recommended for people that wet the bed).

5 – A Portable Hard Drive

Why would this be so good if there are hard drives on your computers and there are cloud storage solutions? The reason is because it allows you to move your files from one place to the next without any fear of being caught or losing your files. It makes it harder for people to steal your essays if you keep them safe on a separate hard drive (especially if nobody knows you have it).

Plus, the last thing you want to do is associate a purchased essay with a college network. Bring your essay from home, put it on your computer via the hard drive, and submit it via the network. That way if any campus administrators are monitoring the network, it looks like you wrote the essay on your computer in your dorm and then sent it to your professor (honest and sweet).

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