Crucial Features to be Considered While Buying an HD Media Player


Today, no matter whether we watch anything on TV or on our computer screen, we love watching it in HD definition. It is the perfect combination of high quality sound HD quality picture that make our movie viewing experience all the more better. Blu-ray or perhaps even HD was a word people didn’t know about, up until few years ago but today just about everybody not only knows what it means, but rather uses it personally.

Today, HD DVDs or CDs or any other kind of HD video player is very common in homes and offices. People are today streaming Blu-ray content from Internet, and they love toplay blu ray on PC and enjoy the high quality pictures as well as sound effects.

Our audiophiles or AV fanciers have also indulged themselves in the currently happening HD world and they too consider HD in high regards. Film lovers around the world have made their own collection of HD versions of their favorite movies. But the fact is that what many believe is an HD player may not give them the exact effect of HD if they don’t know better. True, people today own a wide range of HD players like HTPC, HDD player, mini HD player etc but the question to be asked is if these media players truly extract the maximum value of an HD movie disc. People might ask if there is a media player out there that can play movies from a hard drive, web sources and DVDs at the same time and offer world class video and audio output. Here we take a look at the things that you should consider before buying a good quality Blu-ray HD media player.

Top Factors that Affect the Performance

The fact is that by and large there are three primary factors that affect the quality we see. The first one is performance of video and audio output that we see. This thing basically depends on the chip resolution of the player, which is all about the level of technology in a media player. The top end HDMI chips allow users to view their regular DVDs in high definition TVs, monitors with high resolution that come with AV inputs or HDMI interface. HDMI also offers noteworthy advantage compared to analog connection as it is also capable of transmitting the uncompressed digital audio and video content. So it is very important that you choose a media player that comes with HDMI interface.

Second important thing to consider is HD DVD playback software. Without good software, these HD players can’t offer you the best of the quality.

When it comes to blu ray player software for enjoying videos on laptop/PC, ArcsoftTotalMedia Theatre is one of the most reliable and inexpensive solution when it comes to HD player applications. It allows you to play all kinds of HD movies along with Blu-Ray discs and 3D Blu-Ray discs. If you are buying a new HD player you would like to team it up with one of the feature-rich video applications like TotalMedia Theatre.

Backward Compatibility

Lastly, you should concentrate on the features that you want to see in your newly purchased HD player. Backward compatibility should be your top priority as the world of technology changes very fast; so don’t just fall for sleek looking players that come with just handful of features and many compatibility issues.

We don’t know how things are going to change in next few years so when we invest in a device it is important that we consider future.

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