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Smaller than previous models by 30%, even lighter than previous models by 25%, the GoPro Hero3 is an awesome little camera. With capabilities for HD Video at 1080p, and up to 12 megapixels for photos, WIFI enabled and remote / app, there’s a little something for everyone. All models of the GoPro Hero3 come with a USB cable, mounting hardware and a waterproof casing for up to 197 feet (60m). An excellent choice for snorkelling trips, waterpark adventures and hiking in the woods to your favorite waterfall. With no shortage of options, features and accessories, this really is a versatile little camera. There are plenty of accessories to go with your GoPro Camera; from mounting options to a WIFI remote and even an attachable LCD Screen.

The White Edition model of the GoPro Camera is the base model for general consumer grade usage. 5 megapixels, burst photos of 3 per second, up to 1080p video, and compatible with all GoPro Camera accessories, your general photo / video needs will be perfectly taken care of.

The Silver Edition model is the Prosumer grade of the three models. 11 megapixels, burst photos of 10 per second, up to 1080p video [with different Field of View options – an upgrade from the White Edition], and White Balancing makes the Silver Edition a nice selection of an avid Hobby Photographer. Protune compatible.

The Black Edition model is GoPro’s top of the line model. 12 megapixes, burst photos of 30 per second, tons of video options (from 4:3 ratio to 16:9), White Balancing, and low light functions at a professional grade, plus the ability to take photos while shooting a video [auto settings for 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds or manual], the Black Edition is for serious photo / video capturing. Protune compatible.

Now for accessories. The LCD Touch BacPac is an LCD screen that seamlessly attaches to the back of the GoPro Camera – allowing for easy visual control, you can frame your perfect shot and preview / playback your photos and videos. The LCD Touch BacPac has an integrated speaker with volume control, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Being WIFI enabled, you can control your camera through the free GoPro App. The app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. Use your Smartphone or tablet and have full control of camera settings and video / picture preview. For non Smartphone / tablet users, GoPro has a WIFI Remote Control as well to give you access to GoPro Camera settings, start / stop recording and Power On /Off. The GoPro Camera remote can control up to 50 cameras at one time, within 600 feet (180m) in optional weather conditions. The LCD screen mirrors that of the screen on your GoPro Camera, and is waterproof up to ten feet (3m).

Another free app available to you is CineForm Studio. A high quality, feature loaded editing app that has an assortment of editing tools from clip trimming and slow motion control for adjusting white balance and 3D editing.

Also available are a microphone adaptor, HDMI output cable, Composite output cables, anti-fog inserts and even an attachable piece to make your camera float. Many options to those who like options. Available from GoPro New Zealand at your GoPro New Zealand Retailers.

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