The reasons why you don’t see the Google App Store in your device


People know Google play store, it’s the arch enemy of Apple’s own app store and has the most apps that you can download till your heart’s content from various categories. This is one of the reasons why people love the android platform. It’s about the apps, apps, apps and more apps.

Some people (this means all android users) think that this thing, the very heart of what we use a smartphone for is present in every Android device. It should actually but it doesn’t work that way. Wait! What? No Google Play Store? Bit crazy right? But believe it, it does happen and it’s not just because your phone’s device is outdated.

Cost: don’t you know that the Google Play Store App isn’t really free at all? At least not for the manufacturers. This is the reason why these phone companies that we never heard of can just put out smart devices with flagship specs at a very low price. Because they don’t get the app store, don’t get it wrong you can download the app anytime once you buy the phone.

Older version: it’s shocking right? An android OS device that can’t download the playstore because it’s not compatible? Mostly these are OS compatibility issues. If your android device still has the oldest versions of the OS chances are you can no longer upgrade it to the most updated version. If this happens nothing like a good APK that can solve this problem.

Compatibility issue: This is more of the hardware and the overall build of the device. Have it ever crossed your mind “what if I change my OS from windows to Android?” not this is the more complicated ones since this is a very techy procedure but some people do it/ did it even. Some failed while some worked. Some worked but not entirely since (let’s just use windows as an example) the device was built to run well in windows this doesn’t mean that it can run very well on Android as well.

Android is the biggest app store in the world. With so many apps available both free and paid. It’s hard not to get excited over it and you would wish that your device has a Google playstore. Your issue might be that it never came with the device, or your device is a very old version of android or your device was not specifically built for the Android platform. There are many ways to get this app, some are simple while some are complicated. What you need to remember at this point is that you always need to be cautious especially when your issues this. Because your device is an older version or is not built for android because, this can potentially damage your device and once you tampered with an OS even rooting it your warranty will be voided. So never take these steps unless you are sure and you made up your mind because it can only go either way whether we like it or not.

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