Advantages for Small Organizations through Cloud Computing

‘Cloud computing’ is now the new buzzword in all organisations. You shouldn’t need to worry about the loss of files and data on your computer, as you can now buy online space to store your data files with platforms like drop box. You can buy online space to store your data on a central hosting server to have access to them at any point of time. Secure Data Recovery suggests that you do not rely solely on cloud backup, as it is another form of technology that can be susceptible to breaches and failure. :

cloud computing sme

Cost Benefits: Smallorganisations benefit reasonably more than the large organisations from cloud computing for a simple and the most prominent reason being cost.

Device is off-site: You no more need permits, expensive equipment, and technical support in your office. As new application editions are launched, the price of update is paid by the cloud support, not your organisation.

Buy only the required: Small organisations generally don’t need every part of huge organisation applications, and they end up paying for many components they don’t use. With reasoning processing, you are can sign up to only the stage of support you need.

Accessibility to various fields: With cloud processing, you get access to professionals in all related fields, from HR to revenue to client control. This gives your organisation an advantage against your competitors.

As your small organisation has limited capital, being able to use every penny smartly and efficiently is very essential. Cloud processing allows you to do exactly that.

Scale When Ready: Organisation develops over a period of time, and you may need extra application or larger storage area for your information/files/data. Normally this stage of growth would take an intense technical effort as hosts are improved, new applications are bought, and workers are qualified on new procedures. With cloud processing, your conversion can be smooth — simply buy extra area and alternatives as part of your monthly processing program. Your workers may not even notice a difference — as the training is based on user-friendly web-based connections.

Levelling the Field: Cloud processing permits you to buy high-performing applications over a variety of fields, that would have been remote to you as an organisation. Huge organisations have had entry to these tools for decades, and now you can. With WordPress its east to have a professional looking website at a price of keeping your own hosting server. SalesForce can help you bring your revenue and support client control to new levels of success. Features such as file sharing and on-the-go entry to essential organisation files make things simple and efficient for any organization. And the list goes on. With cloud processing, alternatives that were expensive for organisations are now within reach.

Cloud processing can seem overwhelming, just like the new technology. Any time an organization holds a new strategy, there is research to be done. However, your small organization can use cloud processing as an aggressive benefit


How Hughesnet Satellite Internet Technology Connects Rural Communities

HughesNet is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious company when it comes to satellite internet services. They are (very rightly so) considered as the pioneer of this service. They have been in the business for more than 31 years now, and according to some reports, they have sold more than 1.5 million connections or satellite systems to clients all round the globe.

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Satellite Internet – How Does It Work?

Satellite connection, instead of sending the signals through a telephone line or cable or DSL modem, the signals are transmitted through a satellite, which is orbiting outside the earth`s sphere in the space. The sender sends the signal through a satellite dish which is received by the satellite in space, that passes the signal to the receiver satellite dish. The PC sending the signal requires to have a satellite modem installed as well, which is not much different from a normal LAN or WIFI card.

Hughesnet – Advantages Of Their Satellite Internet Service

  • HughesNet is offering the internet speed more than any other satellite internet service provider. Their average speed is 5 Mbps, which is almost 50 times greater than a 56k Dial-up connection. Other popular companies, such as, Skyway and WildBlue offer speeds of 1.5Mbps only, that makes HughesNet the fastest of them all.
  • HughesNet offers their lowest plan of 1 Mbps at very cheap and affordable rates so that even small businesses and individuals can afford this connection. Using satellite internet is mandatory for people living in rural areas, where there is no DSL or cable internet. Hence, these affordable plans of HughesNet provide immense benefits for a normal internet user. The lowest plan of HughesNet only costs 39.99$ per month for first 3 months, and 59.99$ per month after that.
  • Security – All of the HughesNet plans come with anti-virus and anti-spyware pre-installed which makes these connections very reliable and secure to use. Specialized firewalls are also used in these connections to protect the network from any unauthorized access.
  • Free Installation – HughesNet offer free-of-charge installation of equipment at your location. Their professionals visit your location and make all the necessary arrangements to ensure everything is running smoothly. In addition, they offer various options, which allow you to either buy or lease the equipment.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – HughesNet perhaps has the most technically sound and efficient customer service. Their customer support people can solve the issues almost instantly. Their telephone and email customer support is there to solve your issues 24/7, 7 days a week, which make it a very viable and efficient choice for many.
  • All their equipments come with a 2 year warranty, so in case the satellite dish or modem gets faulted, you won’t have to pay anything. The company will simply replace the device once you inform them about the faulty device.
  • Wide Reach – Their service is available almost everywhere in the US. According to some reports, almost 99% of US can get an internet connection through this satellite internet service provider.

HughesNet has been in the business for so long that they are now considered as an authority in the industry. The benefits they provide to consumers living in rural areas are immense and everyone living in rural areas should definitely make the most of this amazing service.


How To Buy Gps Device

Global Positioning System (GPS) – The Future of Geo-Tagging

GPS technology has helped to produce several applications on land, at sea and in the air. Mr. Chan has developed and integrated various GPS applications for mobile devices. He profitably managed a portfolio of services like navigator, friend finder, directions and location finder in his professional career. In this article, he discusses what you should know before you decide to buy one for personal use.

How To Buy Gps Device

What is the best gps system?

Invented and developed as early as in the 1970s by the United States Military technology department, the Global Positioning System, or GPS, has become one of the most sought-after civilian technologies today. Used by armed forces to precisely tag soldiers using geometric axial coordinates, it now serves to present digital maps in smart-phones, dashboard-mounted GPS devices and computers.

Being a fairly accurate satellite-driven technology, GNSS satellites orbiting the earth transmit accurate microwave signals within a matter of seconds. These are then received by GPS receivers, and processed further. The distance between tagged objects or exact coordinates of present locations is thus revealed. Usually, the GPS receivers compute transmissions based on its distance from at least three satellites. The resultant time delay between each signal is then calculated to reveal exact coordinates on the GPS device. This explains how does the GPS system work.

8 practical uses of GPS for everyday people

Today, GPS has become a part of our hi-tech lives, setting up a mutually-agreed upon location for a date to even rescue operations. GPS is used in cars and other modes of surface and air transport and mobile phones. It is also used as handheld receivers by adventurists, explorers, map-makers and of course, by specialized units in firefighting, rescue operations and disaster management. Some of its more specialized areas of use include –

1. High-altitude Balloon tracking, used often for meteorological purposes

2. Forest explorers, hunters and mountaineers use to it to chart their routes

3. Agricultural purposes, (mounted in tractors) especially during night time in vast tracts of land, keeping track on livestock and targeting crop duster

4. Easy Traffic-navigation during rough weather conditions like fog, heavy rains or blizzards

5. Shipping, Logistics and Fleet management also use GPS for mid-sea ship tracking. One of the most preferred GPS fleet trackers is manufactured by pioneering GPS makers Fleetmatics.

6. Smart phones like those running on the Google-based Android, Blackberry, Apple’s iPhone and others also use GPS for a plethora of uses. In fact, the Apple App store has an excellent application called PocketNav, which helps in marine navigation, and costs only a few dollars.

7. Fitness enthusiasts, who are into adventure sports and vigorous outdoor activities often use a GPS device that also has a heart-rate monitor and distance/speed tracker. They could be worn in cool straps, pouches or even mounted on cycles or shades. GPS for recreational purposes are, in fact, extremely common, with many races, angling championships and sports rallies making use of them.

8. The accurate mapping features of the GPS devices, combined with its unique topographical detail and precision is also beneficial for portable aviation and charting individual flight routes.

There are also a host of other uses for the GPS today. You can use GiSTEQ’s USB GPS dongle as GPS receiver which will help you to use various application to your Netbooks, Eee PCs, UMPCs or Laptops for different applications. You can also download various utility softwares.With the infusion of new technology, GPS has become more user-friendly and extremely easy to use. However, the technology might still appear kind of intimidating for some, so here are 7 points to remember while getting a GPS device for personal usage:-

If you are a business traveler, then it makes sense for you to go for a Bluetooth-based GPS device with text-to-speech capabilities. That way, even if you are, for example, an English speaker in China, the GPS device will not only show you the street locations, but also tell you how exactly to pronounce the mandarin names. Some devices even have the added capability of crunching applications like currency and language converters, world clocks, dictionaries etc.

If you are not a business traveler, but would still prefer to be on the state of the art technology, you could browse through the GPS models of Garmin, TomTom and Magellan. In fact, phone manufacturers like Kyocera, Garmin, Nokia and Apple have been constantly streamlining their GPS modules to provide state-of-art graphical maps, which could even be personalized. So, maybe you are looking for that little-known awesome Chinese ramen-shop in downtown Los Angeles, you could tag it for future reference!

GPS Visualizer is a free, easy-to-use online utility that creates maps and profiles from GPS data (tracks and waypoints, including GPX files), driving routes, street addresses, or simple coordinates. Use it to see where you’ve been, plan where you’re going, or visualize geographic data (business locations, scientific observations, events, customers, real estate, geotagged photos, “GPS drawing,” etc.). This is extremely useful application.

Comparison between smart phone-based GPS applications and GPS personal navigation devices

In case you go for Smart phone-based GPS applications, you’d probably get to choose between the pricier capacitive displays, which would be based on AMOLED, OLED or Super-Clear LCD screens, or resistive displays. Capacitive displays are more user-responsive, and touch-screens could be maneuvered by a flick of a finger, much like the iPhone, or the Android-based HTC Desire series. Due to their super-clarity and precision, they are smaller in size, and while offering superior usability, might not accommodate larger maps in their screens. In comparison, resistive displays are slower, and register with a definite pressure to the fingers.

Dedicated GPS Personal Navigation Devices (PND) use resistive larger touchscreens that accommodate bigger maps, in more topographical detail. So, it shows you more than just a few blocks in radius, and might be actually better to show you unexpected corners and hairpin bends/U-turns while driving or biking. The larger screens also accommodate street information, weather and traffic updates and applications like temperature tickers, timers etc.

If you are thinking of using the GPS as a primary application, the PNDs are better options for you. Most dedicated PNDs could be attached to the windshield, using swivel bracket mounts or plugs, and are also compatible with traveling charger ports/adapters. These mounts are sturdy, and could be attached in front of the dashboard for best viewing angle while driving. So you don’t end up craning your neck. However, in comparison, smart phone mounts offer a restricted viewing angle, doesn’t provide as much support to the GPS screen and wobbles during a rough ride. Retailing for anything from $16 to $100 for brands like Belkin, these might or might not come with a charger attachment.

Is availability of updated map is important point to consider?

The nature of GPS maps are also one of the biggest decisive factors which you should consider before you buy a GPS device. The more comprehensive GPS databases and information-based maps could be either downloaded as initial packets, like iPhone app-bundles, or downloaded on the go, like MotionX GPS and Nokia GPS map bundles. While these are great for their attention to detail, precision and adequacy of helpful information in real time, they might not be available in locations with inadequate cellular networks. Which is why if you are an explorer, an adventurer or just someone who travels through a lot of terrains, you’d probably prefer the on-board maps and initial bundles. PNDs provide these maps on-board, for annual upgrade charges of $70 to $90, approx.

If you are a city-surfer, breezing through places like Hong Kong, Singapore and New York, you would probably want to experience the sights and sounds. Smart-phone GPS navigations are wonderful for you, as they offer you a wealth of details like traffic conditions, train schedules etc in real time. On the other hand, PNDs are essential GPS devices with minimal internet/3G/multi-spectrum connectivity, and extremely basic internet options. However, form a price-point perspective, both smart phones and PNDs cost about $450 (as inclusive bundles). Smart phones are available in one or two-year contracts from providers like Verizon, Vodafone and AT & T Cellular.

I believe that the above guideline on how to buy a GPS system will help to you to buy best GPS device or equipment at reasonable price from online portals like or other electronic shops.

So, the bottom line is, GPS is a great device for personal navigation, but probably won’t come cheap for most of us. While there is great demand for refurbished GPS devices, nothing beats a factory-fresh model in terms of network support, user-friendliness and warranty claims. With great discounts often on offer, good reviews and prompt product support, your GPS can become your most-trusted friend on the roads!


5 Gadgets That Changed the World 

The alarm clock, the personal computer, the smartphone and the radio are all part of the best gadgets that changed the world and probably you, like millions of other people, are already enjoying them. Although today we tend to take technology for granted, not so long ago we managed with what we had and didn’t complain. Sometimes we forget how handy a memory stick is, but we have no idea who invented it and when exactly it was released, because it seems to be around for ages. So, we made a short list of the most useful gadget, that influenced our lives, for the better, of course, making them a lot easier.


1. The Digital Video Recorder

When the sales of digital video recorders topped 2 million units in 2002, advertising and television companies were afraid that it was going to be the end for television films because it gives viewers a chance to skip commercials. Even today, these devices are also found in over 40% of homes, but most prefer the convenience to watch TV and not put them into operation.

2. The Memory Stick

An engineer at Toshiba, named Fujio Masuoka, developed the concept of the flash memory, the name being given because the process of copying or deleting information on this stick occurs as rapidly as a camera flash. The project was implemented only in 2000, when the first USB flash drive with a storage capacity of 8 Mbytes was released. Information just became portable and very easy to be transferred.

3. The Printer

When it first appeared on the market in 1984, the first laser printer Hewlett-Packard was $ 3500. Today printers are much cheaper, but ink cartridges are still expensive. If you want to purchase a printer, the information you can find on Ten Mania can make your choice a lot easier. Anyway, we welcome this discovery which is very useful in the office or at home.

4. The CD-ROM

The first computers needed numerous floppy disks, and it took as many as four of them for one game because of the fact that their storage capacity was limited. The CD-ROM came as a breath of fresh air by allowing all users to store a lot more information, music, games, movies and pictures.

5. The DVD Player

The prototype of the first DVD player was made by Toshiba in 1994 and it looked like a ball of yarn which failed to reach a form that could be released on the market. Although it took a long time to manufacture, the DVD quality far surpassed that of a VHS. Remember which movie was first released on DVD support? None other than “Twister” in 1997, a year after it was released in cinemas. The movie stared Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes.

Can you think of any other gadgets, simple ones of course, that make your life, both personal and professional, a lot easier? Could you imagine not having them around?


An Easily Way To Smoothly Play Swf Files On Ipad/Ipad 2/Ipad Mini

Adobe Flash has made a great contribution on web development. Most ads, banners, animations and small web games are in Flash formats. There two Flash formats-Flash FLV and Flash SWF. And SWF may be not as familiar as FLV to most people. SWF is usually used for multimedia, vector graphics and ActionScript. At present, it is the dominant format for displaying animated vector graphics on the web. And the browser games that you may love to play so much are commonly in SWF formats.

An Easily Way

Anyway, if you have downloaded some .swf videos or games from the web and want to play in iPad, you may find that it cannot be import to the device. The fact is that Apple lacks support of Adobe Flash so that Adobe Flash Player cannot be installed on any iOS devices including iPad. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot run Flash content on iPad. You are supported to play SWF on the web with the help of iSwifter or Skyfire browser. How about offline? Sorry. If you need to play SWF files on iPad offline, the best bet is to convert SWF to iPad friendly format like MP4, or H.264.

To do the SWF to iPad video conversion, you need a professional SWF to iPad Converter.iOrgSoft SWF Converter Mac is willing to be your top aide. It can handle the conversion between SWF and iPad at a super fast conversion speed with high output quality. No matter you are using iPad, iPad 2, iPad mini or New iPad, this program can meet your need very well. Before you start the conversion, you can do simple editing and settings on the file, including cropping and adding watermark, changing default output parameters. If you are converting a SWF game, you are allowed to play the game when starting conversion. And the program will record the process at the same time.

Basically, you can finish the conversion process within 3 clicks. The first one is to click the Select File button to add local SWF file. You are allowed to add one file at one time. The second one is to click the “Profile” button to select suitable output format from the Apple Device column. And the final one is to click the Start button to get the program worked for you. It is only 3 simple clicks that can lead you to complete converting your SWF file to play on your iPad. Have fun with your funny SWF files on iPad!


Must Have Apps for Event Organizer

When it comes to organising an event, there are loads to take care of – the venue, the attendees, the guests, and the caterers. If you are an event organizer and consider it impossible to manage everything about an event on your own, you are wrong! You just need the right smartphone application to manage everything about an event. Wondering how is it possible?


Do it with Apps…

With the help of the right smartphone application you can reach to a maximum number of people at a very short span of time. These days most people have smartphones so you can easily reach them and disseminate event related messages. With the help of an event management application, you can invite guests, register attendees, and track progress of the event. There are loads of benefits of using a mobile application for events.

  • With an application you can communicate with attendees and colleagues better.
  • You can also sell tickets with the help of your mobile
  • You can accept payment from attendees of the events. It also helps to manage the budget of an event.
  • Mobile application always helps to organize green events. You can reduce the use of paper in your event. The need to sell paper tickets also gets eliminated.
  • You can connect with your attendees and sponsors, both before, during, and after the event.
  • You can book venues, contact logistics, and book hotels for guests with the help of your smartphone.

Which is the Right Event Application?

Event Board:

Event Board helps to create your own mobile conference. As you turn into an event manager, you can showcase sponsors, push important notifications, and create feedback surveys with the help of this app. Likewise, your attendees can get information on event sessions, create personal agenda, track locations, and do social networking with the app. So, you can organise an equivalent conference on your mobile phone.

Crowd Compass:

With the help of the application the participants can share event information on social media sites. Thus, with Crowd Compass your event will get more exposure. With Crowd Compass, attendees are ambassadors, and the app lets them share contact details, post feeds in Twitter, Flickr, or YouTube. You can enlist speakers on event site along with their bios and topics they chose to talk on.

Event Brite:

With the help of this application you can send invitations, track registrations, sell tickets, and collect payments. With it, you can get your event listed on popular search engines. With it you can send reminders to the delegates, hours before an event.

Creating and designing your own app for each event you organize, is another option you can try. But it is surely going to be expensive. So, you must look for a suitable event organising application.


Tips To Preserve Cell Phone Battery Power

You likely rely on your cell phone to ensure you stay in touch with people in both your personal and professional life. You may even use it less to talk and more to do things such as check your email, update social media, and play your favorite games. With all of the features and functions modern cell phones make available, it can be a challenge to maintain your phone’s battery life. However, by making some simple changes you can extend the life of your battery when you are out and about, and reduce the likelihood of being cut off from your contacts until your next charge.

Preserve Cell Phone Battery PowerTips To Preserve Cell Phone Battery Power

Turn Off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Location Services

It only takes a matter of seconds to turn on and off features such Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and your location services. However, turning off these features can significantly extend your cell phone battery life by eliminating unnecessary battery use. Remembering to turn these features off when they’re not in use will take some getting used to, but you will begin to see your battery’s performance improve once you get into the habit.

Eliminate Apps You Don’t Use

While you may have a variety of apps that you use on a regular basis, the more apps that you keep open on your background or main screen, the faster your battery will lose its charge. To avoid this, take the time to periodically sort through your apps and eliminate those you no longer use. Also shut down any apps that you don’t need when you are out and about and see that your battery is running low.

Charge Sooner Rather Than Later

You don’t want to keep your cell phone plugged in to the charger for too long after it is fully charged, but you also don’t want to wait until your battery is too low before charging. To help extend the life of your battery, try to charge when your battery is at around 40 percent. If you wait till it is down to 10 percent or lower, your battery will have to work harder to keep your phone fully functional. This can lead to poor battery performance down the road.

Disable Notifications

Notifications can come in handy by keeping you in the loop with your colleagues, friends, and family, but notifications drain your battery power. While you may want to be notified every time you have a new text message or email, it may not be necessary to be notified each time you have a new social media or app update.

Invest In a Solar Charger

If you’re not able to plug your phone into a charger while you’re away from home, you may benefit from a solar charger that will help you to keep your phone fully charged when you do not have access to electrical outlets. There are solar chargers designed for desktops, cars, and even solar chargers built into phone cases.

Another way to ensure that you have the battery power you need is to travel with a spare battery that is fully charged. By taking the preventative and proactive measures suggested above you can extend the life of your battery and reduce the stress caused by receiving a low battery notification.


Top 3 Zombie Games for Android Gaming Lovers

Games are something which we all love to play in our leisure time. Gaming lovers have welcomed the new taste of android games. Today you can play android games by downloading them from the Google play, which is the official store of Android apps. There are many zombie games available on Android which you are surely going to love, if you love playing horror games. Given below is a list of the best zombie games for Android, which will beat the fun that you had playing the zombie games on your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Furthermore you can connect your Android device to a 47 inch TV Screen for a bigger display.


#1 Zombie Farm

This is one of the most unique zombie game that I have ever played. Unlike other games that I have played, zombie in this game are your friends. If you are tired of playing zombie killing games then this game is definitely for you. You can grow and have a team of your zombies. You can fight of enemies in the game with your zombies and what not? The interesting features and graphics of this game makes it one of the most sought after zombie game!

#2 Evil Zombies

When human race was declared as unfit to rule the world as masters, a doctor named DR evil, creates zombie armies for ruling the entire planet. Playing the game you would have to fight off the crisis situation which has been created because of the zombie armies. There are a wide range of weapons that you can use to arm yourselves against the walking dead. Also main mission of the game is to hunt the DR evil, by destroying legions of undead wherever you go. With the wide range of ammunition that is available for you, you can surely turn out as the winner, if you have got what it takes to take on this game which is truly described as one of the most challenging zombie games!

#3 Zombie Road Trip

Zombie road trip is certainly a game for those of you who like light action but horror at the same time. The rules are pretty simple, all you need to do is to escape the hordes of zombies, otherwise they would eat away your brain! It is as simple as that. The game blends the boundaries and racing game tricks, making it just perfect for car racing type of gamers. You can shoot the zombies with some really cool collection of arsenal that is available at your disposal. You can also earn zombie coins to upgrade your weaponry!

So drive and shoot as fast as you can otherwise just prepare to die a horrible death at the hands of the undead!